Organizational & Efficiency Analyses and Improvement Recommendations Project

RNR Consulting conducted an Organizational and Efficiency Analyses and Improvement Recommendations Project for the City of Medina. The project team analyzed the City’s operations by conducting assessments of the current organizational structure and operational procedures for several of the City’s departments. The goal was to identify areas for improvements and to provide enhanced work flow with cost-reduction strategies. This study culminated with recommendations involving revenue generation and operational strategies, to ensure continuation of the best possible return on investment for City spending programs. Specific project activities included: 

1) Examination of the alignment of the City’s Mission and Vision with current business processes;

2) Identification of bottlenecks, duplications, and inefficiencies within and across departments;

3) Identification of challenges (Process, People, and Technology) for improving City efficiencies;

4) Assessment of the employee change environment;

5) Review of all departmental organizational structures and their chain of command;

6) Review all current job descriptions and tasks performed by each position;

7) Review of all currently outsourced programs;

8) Review of the City’s Charter, relevant ordinances, and contractual agreements;

9) Conducting interviews with each department head and key designated employees to gain a full understanding of current processes and personnel assignments;

10) Identification of best practices and benchmarks;

11) Development of a recommended optimal organizational structure, job responsibilities and “To-Be” processes.

12) Examination of current financial positions and allocation of funds;

13) Identification of job responsibility congruence and parallels within and across departments;

14) Examination of inter and intra-departmental communication and connectivity; and

15) Description and analyses of “best practices” already in use and recommendations for implementation in other departments. 

The final report offered specific, actionable strategies for enhancing internal process functions and recommendations for improvement. The report included action items for outsourced programs and recommendations for consolidation, elimination, or continuation; potential restructuring of City government departments to eliminate redundant or inefficient activities; developing clear and concise job descriptions; adjusting pay scales to match updated job descriptions; developing key performance indicators; identification of gaps (Process, People, Technology); identifying benchmarks and best practices; examining strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats; developing “To-Be” process, function, social network maps and organizational structure; developing an actionable plan for increasing efficiency in the City of Medina; and performing a cost-benefits analysis of recommendations.